Artwork and Illustration

Hathway Creative can produce editorial and commercial illustrations which cover a wide range of applications and styles. We regularly produce artwork for:

  • Book/Magazine cover illustration
  • Website illustrations
  • Storyboard art for video/TV/film
  • Limited edition prints
  • Editorial illustration
  • CD artwork/Album cover paintings
  • Promotional items
  • Character design

A selection of our work:

Chris Hathway - Illustrator*

The illustrations produced for Hathway Creative are produced by Chris Hathway, me. Here. Allow me to step out of the third person for a moment...Chris Hathway, Illustrator

I graduated with a Ba (Hons) in Illustration and Graphic Design from Liverpool John Moores University in the 1990s. This apparently means I now have, cough, nearly 20 years, of illustration and design industry experience, providing services to clients all over the UK and also Internationally.

In that time I've produced a large range of artwork in a wide variety of styles and mediums as illustrated by the artwork shown above.

You know how cobblers both fix shoes and cut keys? It can seem an odd combination when you stop and think about it, but it comes from using similar tools and equipment, and so having the means and skills to do both applications. Well, in a similar fashion, when I graduated the Internet was a new thing so I figured it would be helpful to have a website, as not many people did back then. And that a website would likely be seen by more people than I could show my work to by carrying around my portfolio to the various illustration agencies, which beleive it or not is how we all used to do thingsa back then. I had a good talent for design and so this I learned to do. Eventually this lead to a job with an Advertising Agency starting, and eventually managing, their website design and development department. Thus for nearly 20 years now I've been both building websites and also still producing artwork and illustrations. Hence 'Hathway Creative'.

I work in a variety of styles, do prefer to work in 'traditional' free-hand style whenever possible (as it's time away from a computer!) though recently I have also been producing an increasing number of digital illustrations.

A number of people have described my paintings and illustrations as 'Pop Art' style or 'Edward Hopper' like, on the painting side - Which is very flattering for sure. There is certainly a hint of Americana in there and I do love those 1960's illustrations of The Saturday Evening Post, This Week, et al. I work in ink, watercolour, gouache, acrylics and more recently oils on the traditional side of things and whichever programme best suits the artwork style when it comes to digital.

I also regularly produce one off personal commissions'.

Please feel free to use the Contact page if you have a project or some artwork you would like to work together on.

*I was sorely tempted to name this section 'Cobblers' but more sensible thoughts prevailed.